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I have set up this website to assist you.

Contact me for help with your travel plans. nordictrailsiceland@gmail.com

I do private days tours with all sizes of groups and

assist people with other travel plans by way of consultation.



 Íslenska og Væntanlegar ferðir

Í Vinnslu



Hagamelur 21

   107 Reykjavik


telephone/simi (+354) 780-5240

                          (+354) 692-0240

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Sept 26, 2016


Go to the link on my old webpage. www.old.kentlarus.is

 I have started loading photos on to Flickr. Please check it out.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/78627699@N00/



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Lyon France April 2011

In China Sept 2007

Morocco 2012

Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón) May 2005


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New York January 2010

Sólfari (Sun Traveller)

Moscow 2006

Kent Lárus Björnsson